This solver program attempts to solve an equation with one unknown variable.

In order to use this program to it's fullest extent, you must follow the directions below.

1)If you have a equation, put everything on one side so that the equation equals zero.

2)Choose Graph mode from the menu and enter the equation in the Y1: slot.

3)Then go to COMP mode and run the solver program. It should solve the equation and give you the answer.

Let's try working on another example:

Question: Solve for X: 56=2X-12X^2+5

Now don't panic: put everything on one side:

Now go to graph and stick this equation in Y1 slot:

Now run the solver program and wait for it to solve the value of X.
(c) Hidetake Jo 1994

Warning: Since this programs is not built in, it may get slow as the equation becomes more complex. Try to avoid making the solver solve the equation with higher exponents since it will take a long time.
Note: If the word Estimated Value appears, it usually means that the equation you entered is unsolvable
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