It is a Master Mind program.  You have to figure out what the number is 
that the program picked.  The range of numbers is from 11111 to 
99999.  You are prompted to enter your number.  If you entered a number 
that is too long or two short (must be five digits) then the program will 
ask you for your number again.  Once you enter your number the program 
will tell you how many numbers you have correct in the correct positions.  
For example, if the correct number was 12345 and you picked 52387 you 
would get two numbers correct.          ^^-------------------^^

If you wanted you could also get the program to tell you how many numbers 
you have correct, but in the wrong positions.  I found that that was too 
easy so I took it out. 

By: "Ian M. Klassen"