Welcome to the Unofficial Casio Site. This Site's main purpose is to provide people with programs. Please note that we are not related with Casio Corp in any way.
This archive was started by Hidetake Jo back in 1994.
Note that these programs are posted in such a way that you must type in the program in your self. In another words there are no easy method of transfering these programs from the computer to your calculator through a interferface kit. There has been a boom in the number of freeware/shareware program to enable you to transfer .cat/.cas format programs into your calculator directly from the computer, however this program archive has become a little too big for me to start converting all the programs into the format which those programs demand.
If you find a bug in the program I made or someone else made, please e-mail me only if the program was made by me or if the e-mail address of the author is not clearly mentioned in the source code. Otherwise please send your bug reports to the appropriat e author. Trying to fix dozens of programs all by myself can become rather laborious.. thanks for understanding.
Please NOTE that Casio Corp is in no way related to the creation or posting of these programs. Well atleast not yet, so please don't send them complaints about the programs posted here..Capish?
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