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BlackJack 1(9700 exclusive)
BlackJack 2(7700 exclusive)
Rock Scissor Paper (Janken)
Battle Ship
Slot Machine
Number Game.....***Contributed by Dave Dosch***
Dice Roll....***Contributed by Dave Dosch***
Scorch..(Tankwar)....***Contributed by Bjorn Hordemark***
Memory Challenger
Fast Eye(fx-9700)
Master Mind....***Ian M. Klassen***
Master_M....***Magnus Werner**
Lasvegas - Casi(o)no..***Contributed by Sigurd Schaathun and Thomas Breivik***
Horsebet..***Contributed by Sigurd Schaathun and Thomas Breivik***
Wall Street..***Contributed by Thomas Breivik***
Black_J....***From SilverStone BBS***
Mines_15....***Magnus Werner**
Hilow....***Magnus Werner**
Color TicTacToe
Color Aliens
TicTacToe...***Mats Forsén***
Snail...***Henrik Stenberg***
Battle Ship 2
The Guesser...***Jon Espen Karlsen***
Super Master Mind...***Roy F A Maclean***
Minesweeper...****Henry Segerman****
Undercut...****Henry Segerman****
Hole in One ...****Henrik Stenberg****
Fire at Will v1.2 ...****Henrik Stenberg****
DOOM 3 ...****Rodney Mackrell****
Mines NT 7700 ****Kim Hedin****
Mines NT 96 ****Kim Hedin****
Risky Business ****Roy F A Maclean****
TicTacToe ****Lars Christian****
4 In A Row ****B. Rasmus Anthin****
Matchsticks ****Robert Crosby****
Black Jack ****Farid Golmohammadi****
Double Or Nothing ****Farid Golmohammadi****
Car Race ****Marcus Lundstrm****
Battle Ship 7700 ****Marcus Lundstrm****
Rebel Assault ****Marcus Lundstrm****
STAR WARS 1.2*****Alan Somers******
Soccer Penalty Kick*****Alan Somers******
Master Mine *****Marcus Lundstrdm*****
Ski Jump *****Marcus Lundstrdm*****
Mines 97 *****Oscar Garay *****
Archery *****annonymous*****
Yatzy *****Camilo A. Reyes *****

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