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The question and answer on this page is based on inquiries I recieved 
throgh e-mail...I have posted my reply with the question so as to avoid 
duplicate questions...please take your time to read through this short 
FAQ to see if your question is answered. 
Which Calculator Brand is the best each calculator has its own good point and its own bad points. A Ti-82/85 for example is very fast and is used by many schools, but it is hard to use. Ti-92 is awesome but they dont allow them during IB/AP/or most standarized exams. HP-48 is very very very powerful, but it is probably the hardest to use out of all the calculator on the market. The Casio is very easy to use (recent ones have icon menu in them), and it is powrful too. Casio calculators are generally not as good as Ti-82 in term of speed, but they both have the same functionality. ...It is up to you to decide what you want and what you dont want. When are you going to post my program? Unfortunatly my free time decreased ever since I entered college... I "will"post ALL programs sent into me.. but it may take a little while for me to post them.. Can I upgrade my ram for the casio? No... Does Casio have a asm programming enviroment like Z-shell for the Ti(s)? Unfortunatly the only enviroment we have is the current one we see in Casio's PRGM mode/Editor mode. I hope Casio implements new more efficient enviroments in the future.... I have a question regarding Casio's Palmtop I can not help those of you with Casio's Palmtop questions because I never owned one. Sorry. How do I use Getkey? Getkey is a function that reports back the Key code the user pushed. For example if you push EXE GetKey will return back the code 31, which happens to be the key code for EXE. You can check out the values of each key by using the following code: Lbl 1 ClrText 0->C While C=0 GetKey->C WhileEnd Locate 1,1,C Goto 1 Execute the above program and try pushing different keys on your calculator you should get back the KeyCode for the key you pushed. Where is the Range function in the cfx-9850 and cfx-9950? The Range function is now called ViewWindow in the newer Casio Calculators. So you should now use ViewWindow Where is Mcl I can't find it on my new cfx-9850 I looked everywhere? There is no longer a command called Mcl in the newer calculators. However you can type: 0->A~Z this command line does the same thing as Mcl... A[3] or A[7] these kinda thing gives me syntax error on my cfx-9850 Casio took out the Array function, so if you own a cfx-9850 or cfx-9950 you shouldn't attempt to program; programs with the array functions in them. Unless of course you can program the thing to make it copatible with your new calc. What can I do with these programs? Use the programs to your benefit...butyou must agree to use em at your own risk...thus the programers are not responsible for any unwanted effects. Why are there no action packed programs for fx7700 and cfx-9800? SInce Casio never implemented "get key" command it is impossible to feed live data while the program is running, making games such as tetris or invaders impossible to make. however on the new cfx-9850G and cfx-9950G the GetKey() command is implemented, so you can expect some action packed game on cfx-9850G model :-) Can I make a anti-reset program? well technically, it is "impossible" to create a per se "anti reset program" for the casio calc. due to it's lack of flexibility in the programming language...however it is quite possible to create a program which will fake the reset...The fake reset program can simplyconsist of print commands which makes the calc. display the false amount of memory used and false amount of memory free.... Is there a virus for the casio calc? yes, unfortunately there is... I made a cool program and I want to get it posted on in this archive, what could I do? first type out the program in a text editor, (some chracters used in the casio calc are impossible to reproduce, so for those unqiue characters create a arbiturary reference) and send it to me through e-mail, and I will post it when I have some free time. Is there a good book to start learning casio calc programming language? no there are none, actually a few days of experimenting can enable you to create simple programs....the language is basically simple basics. (thus the programs tend to become spaggehti codes) I want to add a link to your page...can I? go right ahead! I don't have the manual for the casio calc where can I get one? I do not have em' but you can try asking one of the people at http://www.casio-usa.com how long did it take you to collect all these programs? Since 1994! Actually I started posting my own programs since Casio(c) didn't even have their homepage when Texas Instrument(c) did. The people on the internet started sharing their programs with me and the archive grew.. what do you need more of? mathematics or creativity? In case of Casio Calc, I'd say creativity. I found a bug in one of the programs what could I do? either send me the notice or the programmer if his e-mail address is available...

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