1/3/95  --Aliens v1.1--
Note:  There was a bug in the previous version of the program aliens...
I have corrected the bug and highlighted what you need to ADD in orange..
So scroll down to the orange text and add it to your program now.

(All new comers should not worry about this notice because the
program contained on this page has been fixed)
Thanks to Sigurd Schaathun for reporting this bug..
---------------------FOR FX-9700GE------------------
Believe it or not..this was my first attempt at trying to create
a decent game...

Description:    There are two forts..one is yours and the other
is the aliens...(the aliens are not too intelligent so they have
3 laser cannons..and you have one.)  You have 5 shields and you
must try to terminate all the alien cannons before they kill

Atlast you can play a casio calc. game on your own..now you don't 
have to call over your girl friend every time you wanna play
tictactoe and stuff..you've got somethin smarter than your girl 
friend,,your calculator hence..(your artificial intelligence with a IQ 
of a typical monkey.:-)  Actually those aliens are pretty intelligent...!
 Well good luck! They've killed me 8 time already and I've only
 played the game 11 times:-(   (No but I'm not retarded, those aliens
had LUCK:-)

Send me some comments..bug reports are always welcome!