------------For FX-7700, FX-9700, cfx-9800g--------------
This was one of my attemtps to create a 3-D perspective game....
Ofcourse while I was making this game I realized that, creating
a 3-D atmosphere out of a 2-dimensional surface was hard...and
I also realized that the program code was becoming Larger
and larger.....so what I did was terminated the project in the middle..

So what I basically have is a 3-D room.....and a wireframe projectile
 launcer..... which will launch a projectile "INTO" your screen....I added
 wind to it so that the projectile could sway west or east...depending 
upon the wind direction and magnitude...

If the wind value is positive the wind is blowing from west to east..

If the wind value is negative the wind is blowing from east to west..

So for example..if the wind value is 7 then try entering a projectile
angle of 130...you should see the projectile curve with the wind as it
shoots in to your screen..:-)


(PRess "G<->T" button if you want to see the projectile trail path)

--HJ-- hjo@engin.umich.edu